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Our model allows anatomical structures to be seen clearly and distinctly. It enhances margin delineation and distinction of discret tissue type. It is also equipped with shear wave elastography, which is a real time colour-coded elasticity map with objective measurement of tissue stiffness. Studies have shown that shear wave elastography can improve specificity of ultrasound mass assessment without compromising sensitivity.

We provide:
  • Ultrasound Head & Neck Regions
  • Ultrasound Breast
  • Ultrasound Joints and Soft Tissue
  • Ultrasound Various Body Parts (e.g. Abdomen and Pelvis)
Philips EPIQ ELite

Philips EPIQ ELite

A New Class of Premium Ultrasound
  • nSight Imaging
    • double frame rate, corrects focus during beam reconstruction for superb uniformity, superb penetration across full range of frequencies
  • XRES Pro
    • next generation high resolution image processing approach, reduction of artefacts with excellent delineation of structural anatomy
  • MicroFlow Imaging
    • designed to detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue, offers remarkable detail in assessing blood flow
  • PureWave Crystal Technology
    • breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material, virtually perfect uniformity for greater bandwidth and twice the efficiency of conventional ceramic materials.

MR Arthrogram

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Patient Preparation Before Examination
Such as fasting arrangement, imaging films and reports?